Mobile Payment News: Starbucks’ Square Roll Out a Flop


Incase you haven’t heard, Starbucks recently deployed Square at about 7,000 coffee shops with the intention to help customers pay with debit and credit cards. Last year, Starbucks announced its wide-ranging agreement with Square to have it handle the company’s debit and credit card payment processing; additionally, Starbucks invested $25 million in the payments startup. The promise of paying with Square is that it offers merchants and customers a better user experience. The expensive deployment has been a bit of a flop. Baristas and customers alike are confused by Square. Tests demonstrated that even when baristas worked out how to accept Square payments, they were unable to scan the Square Wallet app from their barcode readers, and resorted to holding the customer’s smartphone and manually entering the barcode number into their register.

Rather than resorting to a inferior mobile payment solution like Square, consider employing one of BCMS’ fantastic mobile payment solutions. With our mobile solutions, we can provide you with a wireless terminal so you can take payments anywhere or we can set you up to take payments directly from your smartphone. Accept credit card payments and increase sales no matter where your business takes you.

BCMS Mobile Payment Solutions

As a merchant, the benefits of mobile payment acceptance are colossal. You have access to online transaction reports, which provide a better understanding of your consumer’s behavior and information on how to better service their needs. You empower your customers by allowing them to pay with their preferred method and funding mechanism, while increasing flexibility at the register and the speed of checkout. With our mobile solutions, the ultimate benefits are the enhanced data security and the reduced cost of processing.

With more than 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions globally, mobile processing solutions are more important than ever before. Stay on the forefront of technology with BCMS Mobile Solutions.


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