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BCMS helps education institutions thrive in an open and dynamic world. We deliver a broad portfolio of products and solutions, developed in collaboration with a global education community, and provide strategic guidance to help education institutions of all kinds navigate change, achieve greater transparency, and drive efficiencies.

Recommended Solutions:

Today’s campus payment transactions have grown in both volume and complexity. There are more ways to pay, more payment channels, more payment points, and more merchants. And all those payments have to be managed efficiently and securely in order to meet changing payment card industry (PCI) security requirements. BCMS has payment processing solutions designed to integrate with your current processing system.

Our payment system helps institutions:

  • Streamline accounts receivable and payments processes
  • Offer synchronized and secure payment processing
  • Provide an affordable, easy-to-use turnkey campus commerce system for staff, students, and parents alike
  • Cut costs, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance student services
  • Maintain a PCI-compliant payment environment